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Hi, I'm Ryan Roi-
Tattoo Artist &
Financial Coach

Discover A Better, More Consistent Way To Get 3-5 New Clients Every Week

Let me guess your marketing strategy...


You are posting pictures of your best work, timing your posts for optimal engagement, using a hodgepodge of hashtags, liking and commenting on other people's posts, and maybe showing your face once or twice a year... something like that, if anything at all?

How well is that working?

I know it's not working because that's exactly what I was doing in my tattoo business for years. It was exhausting and honestly, it was killing my creativity and my business...

The thought of fighting the ever-changing algorithm, getting shadowbanned, and "feeding the beast" on the endless treadmill of social media every day for the rest of my life just so I could be a profitable artist made me want to shove a fork in my eye. 

But for most people, this approach is time-consuming, energy-draining, and produces very inconsistent results.

What else could I do? I wanted an easy and consistent method for getting new clients that doesn't drain the life from my soul.

So I wrote out a list of every conceivable action I could take to get more clients.

I then cut the list down to the top 20 actions I could take regularly to build my clientele and stay connected so they keep coming back.

I realized that some of the actions were great for quick, short-term wins, while other actions would take longer to produce results but would ultimately build a more sustainable business for the future.

Just knowing what to do, doesn’t mean I'm gonna do it tho. Marketing can feel boring and I needed to make sure I would be consistent with it.

Then I had a stroke of genius... I turned the list... into a game!


🚨 "The Lighthouse Game™" 🚨

I was no "tat-master", but I knew that my work was decent and that there was a demand for what I do. I just needed to get my work out in front of as many eyeballs as I could.


Posting on Instagram is only one (unreliable) method for getting eyeballs on my work.


The Lighthouse Game™ is my solution for helping any creative business get thousands of people to see their work and become customers through practical and organic marketing strategies.

I knew that, like a lighthouse, I needed to do two things.


I needed to shine BRIGHTLY 🔆


Statistically, I knew that with enough eyeballs in front of my work, on a regular basis, at least some of the people who saw it would book appointments with me.


Then it would just become a numbers game, and over time I would naturally increase my clientele.

I figured I would play this game for one month before deciding whether or not it really worked.

In the first 12 hours of playing the game, I booked three new tattoo appointments 😳

I went from doing $600-$800 per week on average, to $2,000-$2,500 per week after three months of playing this game!


I've now taught dozens of tattooers, artists, hairstylists, massage therapists, and even real estate agents to play The Lighthouse Game™ game and I keep hearing the same thing from them as well.

Almost everyone who plays this game books new appointments within the first 24 hours AND the long-term strategies ensure that your books stay filled with new and return clients for years to come.

But Ryan...

⚙️ How Does It Work? 💪


Now I knew what actions I "should" be taking, but my artist's brain seems to resist all things marketing related 😩

Consistency is key to marketing, and I needed to build a marketing habit!

Every successful business has a marketing habit or routine that they use to get more clients. A set of actions that they rinse, repeat, and tweak over time to grow their client base.

If I wanted to grow my business, I needed a marketing habit that worked for me.

I took my list of 20 actions and split them up into three categories based on how quickly they could produce clients. short-term, medium, and long-term. 

I called these actions "Blinks" like the blink of a lighthouse 🚨

the bigger long-term blinks had a broader impact and attracted a lot of eyeballs while the short-term blinks were more focused, allowing me to get a few new clients relatively quickly.


The broader the impact, the brighter the blink, and the more points it was worth.

The goal of the game was to score 100 points per month. I knew that if I did that, I was almost guaranteed to book more appointments with new and returning clients.

Having a list of actions to take, points to earn, and a clear goal in mind made it feel less like "marketing" which helped me stay consistent with it.


But in all honesty, it was seeing how effective it was at filling my calendar that made me want to keep playing the game 🤑

Knowing the most effective actions to take, and doing them over and over again is the secret to building any successful business. That's why The Lighthouse Game™ works so well!

🎓 Here's What You'll Learn 🧐

1️⃣- How to market yourself effectively by taking daily, weekly, and monthly actions through the implementation of The Lighthouse Game™. You will learn exactly what the most effective marketing actions are to eliminate the guesswork.  

2️⃣- How to break through your resistance toward marketing yourself and letting your light shine! Half of marketing is knowing what to do, the other half is all mindset and getting out of your own way!

3️⃣- How to price and sell your work. No one really teaches us this stuff and so we are often making it up as we go along. You will get coaching on how to raise your prices and sell your work without selling your soul!

4️⃣- How to use scheduling software and automated emails to make it easy for clients to book with you and continue to connect with them after their appointment to maintain that client relationship, and get testimonials and referrals from every client you work with.

Bonus lessons- I’ve also included several lessons on how to create an effective business plan before opening a business, how to leverage debt wisely so you can expand your business, and how to use Facebook and Google ads to promote your creative business effectively in the future!

📦 Here Is Exactly What You Will Get

Online Platform-

You will get LIFETIME access to the business/marketing coaching section of The Artful Dollar online course. Over 10 hours of coaching courses + Google Docs and PDFs to support you along the way. These lesson recordings are from the live group coaching program led by Ryan Roi which has helped hundreds of artists grow their businesses and build financial security. New lessons are added over time which you will continue to get access to!

The Lighthouse Game™-

Recorded lessons and written instructions for how to play the game so you can take control of growing your clientele. These 20+ hand-picked actions have helped tattoo artists, hairstylists, acupuncturists, and even real estate agents market themselves effectively and increase their income. STOP relying on the algorithm to put eyes on your business. 80% of people who play TLG book new appointments within the first 24/hrs!

Two 1:1 Coaching Sessions-

We have found that the best way to get our clients immediate results is to have an initial 1:1 coaching session with one of our head coaches. Your coach will answer any questions and help you set goals to get the most out of this program. Your second follow-up call a few weeks later is to make sure you are making progress and producing the results you came to get.

Private Group Chat-

Everyone who signs up for this course will have LIFETIME access to a group chat on our private platform (Yes there is an app!) for all people playing The Lighthouse Game™ to ask questions, get support and share your wins! Ryan Roi and the rest of the program coaches are there to support you and help you master your marketing!


💵 Here's The Investment


My live group and 1:1 coaching programs run between $4,500-$12,000


Because you're only getting access to the Business Coaching portion of my full course, you will get all of the above for $997.

If you somehow ONLY managed to book three appointments for $350 each, this course would pay for itself 🤔

We have had many clients book 3-4 appointments IN THE FIRST DAY of playing The Lighthouse Game™

The long-term strategies designed to build systems for attracting clients could easily return $10,000-$20,000 in new and repeat business within the first year.

If you follow all the steps and play the game as I've designed it and are somehow unable to get it to work for you on your own, I will have your 1:1 coach work with you until you're able to book at least $997 of business using these strategies.


I'm taking the risk away from you and putting it on myself because I have no doubt that The Lighthouse Game™ alone will help you grow your business and get more clients.

(BTW... this investment is FULLY tax-deductible 👍)

In addition... you will have 90 days to credit the money you paid toward the FULL Artful Dollar Course.


If you want to build mastery around saving, investing, dealing with taxes, and building a healthy relationship with money so you can start a business, buy a house and retire comfortably, then this is the course for you!



Here's What To Do Next

If you want to stop "feeding the beast" of social media.

If you are a full-time artist but suck at marketing.

If you want a system and a set of actions that you can rinse and repeat to increase your clientele consistently.

If you want to invest in yourself and your business and get guidance from a veteran tattooer, entrepreneur, and financial coach

Then I invite you to sign up for this course and begin playing The Lighthouse Game for yourself!

Click the button below to enroll.

📍IMPORTANT: We are only selling this offer to the first 20 people who register at this time due to limited 1:1 coach availability.


After that, we will start a waitlist. If the button above says "join the waitlist" then we won't charge you and you will be notified when we are offering this course again.

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