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The Weird System I Used To Save
$100,000 In Under Five Years

(Without budgeting or breaking the law)

FREE Masterclass For Tattoo Artists

Tuesday 08/08 @11am EST (8am PST)

Held Over Zoom (No Recording Available)

Only 100 Spots Available

What You Will Learn In This FREE Master Class

Secret #1

How anyone, regardless of income level, can use my system to easily save and invest for the future

(No one is too broke to save money)

Secret #2

Why it's actually easier and cheaper to implement this system than it is to have no system at all

(Everyone wishes they had done this sooner)

Secret #3

How you can actually earn and save more money by paying your taxes and investing passively

(The pirate life is keeping you broke)

Everyone who attends will also get lifetime access to over $500 worth of tools and recorded lessons on my private online platform!

(limited to 100 attendees)

I used to tattoo six to seven days a week, and I did that for about three years straight. You'd think that since I was working so much, I'd have no time to spend my money.

Except at the end of those three years, I had just as much money as I did at the start.

I thought...

"How is that even possible? Where the hell did all that money go?"

I kept thinking... "I can buy this $600-$1,000 shiny new thing I don’t need, I'll just make that back in 2-3 tattoos."

Sound familiar?


I looked around the shop at the guys who were 5-10 years older than I was. They were busier and more talented than I was, and they made more money than I did. But I knew that we were all just as broke.

No retirement account, no emergency savings, essentially living tattoo to tattoo, year after year.

The thought of working another 5-10 years with little or nothing to show for it was pretty depressing. I knew something needed to change right now!

I started reading a few books on personal finances and asking people I could trust for their advice.

But it seemed like most of the information out there was suited for people earning stable salaries. Not very helpful for a self-employed tattoo artist working for a 50/50 cut at a street shop.

I spent the next six years designing my own automated system for managing and saving money.

What started to happen is that my savings started to grow, and I began to consistently invest my money on a regular basis. My money was making me money babies!

My income grew as a result of my financial stability, allowing me to take only the projects that really excited me, which also allowed me to consistently raise my prices to $280/hr for tattoos ($800 minimum).

I opened up my own tattoo studio in 2016, and I have expanded it three times since then. It has generated tens of thousands of dollars of passive income and continues to grow and support the amazing artists working there!

I was also able to buy my first house just after my 30th birthday.

I've refined and improved this system many times, and even more as I started to teach it to other tattoo artists.

I've now successfully helped over 70 tattooers, dancers, massage therapists, hairdressers, and Tik Tok dancers implement my signature "waterfall money system™." 

To date, my system has collectively helped my clients save over $800,000! Here's what my clients have to say:


"I’ve got a great system in place, which is all due to Ryan. I'm automatically saving for goals, and I'm on track to buy my first house by the end of 2023! That is all because of Ryan. What I liked most about working with Ryan was his holistic approach to money and that I could feel how invested he was in my success! I felt so safe to investigate my mental blocks around money, and he was there to guide me and support me the whole way. If you are a tattoo artist, you need to work with Ryan, Period!

Paloma photo.webp

Paloma Yglesias TATTOO ARTIST

"I feel SO much better about money. I feel more responsible and way less stressed than I used to be when it comes to money. Shortly after working with Ryan, I was able to save up $6,800 I have never been able to save this amount of money before in my life!



My money system now gives me peace of mind throughout the whole month. It's the best thing ever! Ryan gave me the push in accountability I needed to help me take action myself. I now have the knowledge and tools to confidently take care of myself. If your business is growing and you are feeling overwhelmed, you should definitely work with Ryan!

jordi photo.jpeg


"I didn’t really have any savings before we started. I wasn’t saving anything until now. Now I have $6,000 saved for emergency funds, and by the end of January, I should have $12,000. It's a huge difference from how I grew up. This is the most money I’ve ever had in my life. I never had the opportunity to really save like this."

The older you get, the harder it becomes to achieve your long-term financial goals. Do you really want to spend the next 20-30-40 years trying to do money the hard way?

In this FREE Masterclass you will see how money doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming and that it is absolutely possible for you to save and invest for the future.​

I don’t know when I'll be offering this again, and there will be no recording available. Why is there no recording? Because I only want people who are ready to take new actions around money RIGHT NOW to sign up for this class.

Every person who attends this class will also receive access to my private online platform with $500 of free courses and tools to help you save more money and invest for the future!

Do you really want to wait any longer to take control of your financial future? You can take action RIGHT NOW by signing up for this free masterclass before it fills up!

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