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Hi, I'm Ryan Roi-
Tattoo Artist &
Financial Coach

What Is The Artful Dollar?

If you want to see if TAD can help you save more, deal with taxes, buy a house and get on track for retirement...

Then schedule a complementary

Before booking a call, Check out this video and read the breakdown below to see if this would even work for you.

Tattoo Equipment

Before booking your call, watch the video and read through the breakdown below to see if this would even work for you

And when you're ready... Schedule a call! 

What Is The Artful Dollar?

When I first decided to become a financial coach in 2020 I had been tattooing for about 11 years. Prior to that, I had been on my own financial journey, learning how to save, invest, and do my own bookkeeping so I could save money on taxes.

I saw what other tattooers around me were doing, spending all their money, not filing taxes properly, or at all, and many were just living tattoo to tattoo every month. For a while I was doing the same, but I wanted more for my future.

I worked too hard to let all this money slip through my fingers, and learning how to manage money properly allowed me to open my own shop, buy my first house, save for a comfortable retirement...

And gave me so much peace of mind for my future.

I wanted to help other tattooers and creative entrepreneurs take control of their finances because it ultimately led to me being a happier, better artist and feel more fulfilled in my career. I believe all artists deserve to feel that way.

Ready to get off the feast or famine hamster wheel?

I honestly had no idea that The Artful Dollar would eventually become a program that helps hundreds of tattoo artists, hairdressers, real estate agents and even psychologists build healthier relationships with money.

The results our clients produce have continued to exceed my expectations of what we could help people accomplish in such a short amount of time.

Even people who have never had more than $1,000 in savings have been able to save TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars by the end of the course.

We have also helped clients:

  • Pay down $20-$40k of debt

  • Buy their first home

  • Pay their back taxes

  • Open or expand their shops

  • Take amazing vacations!

  • Get on track for retirement

So How Does It Work?

The reason people have had such great success is because we don’t teach traditional budgeting, not at all.

We teach people how to build a better, automated system for saving, investing and managing money that they can use for the rest of their lives.

I call this the Waterfall Money System™

Next we help people get clear on their long term goals like traveling, buying a house, and retirement, and then we dial these goals into their system.

Rather than occasionally saving money here and there, they separate their finances to "trickle" into these different goals over time. Hence the "waterfall"

It is always important to deal with taxes properly if you want to be able to accomplish these goals so we cover methods for preparing and saving money on taxes. This takes a lot of the stress and headache out of the process.

The Strategy Session is the next step to take
control of your financial future

Systems and goals are very helpful, but they are not the most impactful part of the program.

We also look at your mental and emotional perspective on money and use proven methods to transform your entire mindset around money.

We all have certain beliefs about money that we inherited from our parents, friends, co-workers and the world around us.

These beliefs aren't "wrong" and they probably served you at one point in your life, but they have certain limitations and it's often the case that instead of helping you, they are stopping you from getting where you want to go in the future.

These "limiting beliefs" are like an old operating system. It's like you're trying to run a modern computer program on Windows 95 and your left wondering why its not working the way you want.

When we "update our software" its surprising how easy and smooth things can run when it comes to money. Things that used to feel impossible suddenly seem entirely achievable.

When you think new thoughts around money, you start to take new actions, which lead to better habits, which alter your entire identity around money. This leavs you more capable, confident and at peace in your relationship with money.

Want to create more peace
and confidence around money?


Nic Luna

In one year I went from having $12,000 saved and $24,000 in debt 

To having over $50,000 saved and zero debt using Ryans Systems


Hannah Quag

At one time I had 10k saved up and then spent it all away frivolously.

After doing your system and keeping up with it I’ve saved up $40,000


Nicolas Cain

I never had more than $1,000 in savings.

In just a few months my account got up to $20,000


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