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Hi, I'm Ryan Roi-
Tattoo Artist &
Financial Coach

Here Is The 3-Step Formula
To Book More Tattoo Appointments

(Without a big following or running ads)

Tattoo Equipment

Watch This Lesson To Learn The 3 Step Formula

Recommended to watch on a computer or tablet to see all the information provided

You may want to take notes, there's a ton of information to digest here...

**Not based on theory**

This formula has been proven to work consistently to book more appointments

Tired of tossing pictures of tattoos into the algorithm void praying that the IG gods have mercy on you?

Handing out business cards and posting on IG just isn't enough these days 😩

Marketing is a science, why do you think companies spend millions of dollars on marketing experts every year?

Because they know the formulas to use with their specific market to get more sales.

Most tattooers are actually making huge mistakes because they have no idea how to market themselves

Avoid these mistakes and get a proven formula for booking more tattoo appointments

This even works during slow season

After watching the free "3-Step Formula" video above, if you feel like getting more support around implementing this formula, check out next steps below.

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I had the best month of my whole 18-year career in the middle of slow season. I did another $4,000-$5,000 that month on top of what I normally do.



I was earning around $2,500-$3,000 per month and now I'm making $4,000-$5,500 per month and this literally depends on how much I play the game each month.



With the guidance of this course, I’m probably making about $4,000 more per month.


You ain’t doin' it, if it ain’t workin', bottom line. Even if you do it a little bit, you’re going to make more. Now I have more time to push the kind of tattooing I want to do.

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