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From Pirate To Professional with Ryan Roi and Nick Baxter

Live Talk With Q&A At The End


FREE Live Event For Tattoo Artists

Tuesday 11/07 @11am EST (8am PST)

300 Spots Available

Held Over Zoom (No Recording Available)

Living the pirate life might be fine in your early twenties but as you get older it actually hurts you to deal mostly in cash and store your life savings in a shoebox. If you want to grow your business, buy a house or invest for retirement, you need to go from Pirate to Professional!

This event will be very different from my past live events and will be hosted by me and one of my favorite tattoo artists and friends, Nick Baxter.

We both are passionate about helping tattooers create financial security and we both know what it is like to try to live under the radar and dodge the tax man 😅

But we both came to the same conclusion. In the long run, the pirate life hurts more than it helps...

We decided we wanted to share our stories, how we struggled to get off the ship and on the dry land, and why it is totally worth doing so as soon as possible!

Plus there will be a Q&A at the end to help you (or your "friend") get clear on your next steps to take control of your financial future.

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