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Turn "Slow Season" Into "Grow Season"

The strange systems I use to cure slow season... once and for all.

FREE Masterclass For Tattoo Artists

Tuesday 09/26 @11am EST (8am PST)

Held Over Zoom (No Recording Available)

Only 100 Spots Available

Added 50 More Spots!

What You Will Learn In This FREE Master Class

Secret #1

The 20 minute marketing game that will help you book more appointments now and stay booked through slow season (99% of tattoo artists are not doing this)

Secret #2

How to get off the hamster wheel of "feast or famine" by using an automated system that tricks you into saving more money (everyone wishes they had known this sooner)

Secret #3

The #1 thing that over 300 clients told me helped them reduce their stress around money, and take control of their financial future (no, it wasent having more money)

Everyone who attends will receive the free marketing packet with actionable instructions to book more appointments ASAP.

I have spent hundreds of hours sitting around waiting for walk-ins, only to leave the shop at 11 pm with nothing to show for it, I know how much it sucks...

For most of my career, I told myself "Gotta stack something away during the busy season for when things slow down", but I didn't...

I was earning over 100k a year as a full-time tattooer, but somehow, I felt broke all the time.

After years of living in the cycle of feast or famine, I decided that something needed to change. I started reading books on personal finance, but so much of it was geared toward people earning a steady salary. Budgeting just wasn't going to work for me long-term.

I knew that if I wanted to open my own business, buy a house, and have a shot at retirement, I needed a solution that didn't rely on me checking a spreadsheet every day.

That was when I started putting together what eventually became my Waterfall Money System™

A system using multiple bank accounts to manage, separate, and automate as much of my money for me as possible, even on an irregular income. I knew that if I was in charge of all my own money, I was probably going to fuck it up.

I have been able to use my system to

  • Save a healthy emergency fund

  • Open and expand my tattoo shop

  • Buy an investment property

  • Take the headache out of dealing with taxes

  • Save and invest for the future

  • Get on track for retirement

And I'm still the same ADHD maniac I used to be, I just have better systems in place to support me.

My systems worked so well for money I started to see how I could apply them to grow my clientele and market myself more effectively.

I realized I needed to break it down into a simple process that only took around 20 minutes a day. I needed something consistent that I could repeat over and over again. Something that was reliable yet adaptable to an ever-changing market.

That's when I came up with The Lighthouse Game™

A game I could play that consisted of daily, weekly, and monthly actions I could take in order to grow my clientele and never deal with slow season ever again.

The "Waterfall Money System" and "The Lighthouse Game" are the systems that help me make more money and keep more money consistently, year over year.

The best part is, that even if you don’t do them perfectly, they still produce great results. We have helped hundreds of tattooers put these systems in place and it works every time!

I want to show you how these two systems support each other and how they can help anyone gain financial freedom.


"I’ve got a great system in place, which is all due to Ryan. I'm automatically saving for goals, and I'm on track to buy my first house by the end of 2023! That is all because of Ryan. What I liked most about working with Ryan was his holistic approach to money and that I could feel how invested he was in my success! I felt so safe to investigate my mental blocks around money, and he was there to guide me and support me the whole way. If you are a tattoo artist, you need to work with Ryan, Period!

Paloma photo.webp

Paloma Yglesias TATTOO ARTIST

"I feel SO much better about money. I feel more responsible and way less stressed than I used to be when it comes to money. Shortly after working with Ryan, I was able to save up $6,800 I have never been able to save this amount of money before in my life!



My money system now gives me peace of mind throughout the whole month. It's the best thing ever! Ryan gave me the push in accountability I needed to help me take action myself. I now have the knowledge and tools to confidently take care of myself. If your business is growing and you are feeling overwhelmed, you should definitely work with Ryan!

jordi photo.jpeg


"I didn’t really have any savings before we started. I wasn’t saving anything until now. Now I have $6,000 saved for emergency funds, and by the end of January, I should have $12,000. It's a huge difference from how I grew up. This is the most money I’ve ever had in my life. I never had the opportunity to really save like this."

The older you get, the harder it becomes to achieve your long-term financial goals. Do you really want to spend the next 20-30-40 years trying to do money the hard way?

In this FREE Masterclass, you will see how increasing your income and saving more money doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming.

I don’t know when I'll be offering this again, and there will be no recording available. Why is there no recording? Because I know it's going to sit in your inbox and never get watched. And it's just more fun and impactful to be at the live event, so come!

Every person who attends this class will also receive several free PDFs that break down actions you can take now to start marketing yourself and get more clients ASAP.

There will also be an opportunity to learn more about how to set up your own Waterfall Money System and take the headache out of saving, investing, and taxes for good!

Do you really want to wait any longer to take control of your financial future? You can take action RIGHT NOW by signing up for this free masterclass before it fills up!

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