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Convention Seminar With Ryan Roi

Saving, Investing, And Marketing For Tattoo Artists
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I usually offer 2 seminars at conventions, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. They start as soon as the convention opens (occasionally they start 30 minutes before it opens but I'll give you a heads up)

Each seminar is about 60 minutes long but I hang out for Q&A at the end

Saturday I talk about the financial tools that everyone needs to save and invest consistently over decades

Sunday I share the three elements of an of an effective marketing strategy for this new era of tattooing that has helped people earn another $2,000 - $4,000 per month on average.

Fill out your information below and pick which convention and which seminar you want to attend. You can also select "both" if you want to come to both seminars.

These seminars are free, and you will learn A LOT but for anyone interested in getting more support from me on any of the things I cover, I will share information at the end of the seminar on the next steps if you decide you want to work with me.

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