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Hi, I'm Ryan Roi-
Tattoo Artist &
Financial Coach

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What Is The Artful Marketer?

How Does It Work?

If you have been struggling to stay booked out, or you just know you could be doing more tattoos and making more money...


And you want to follow a step by step, tested and proven formula taught by and specifically for tattoo artists to get results like this:


*Limited time pricing*

This program is not for everyone, its not a magic pill 💊 You have to do the work 


But you don’t need tens of thousands of followers or paid ads to get more clients. You need an effective marketing strategy that gets results quickly.

And systems that continue to market for you automatically, for the rest of your tattoo career.

We have had first year tattooers and 30+ year veterans join the program, it works if you work it 💪

So what does an effective marketing strategy, that produces results like this look like?

IMG_4644 3.jpg

A business, without marketing, is like winking in the dark 😉 you know what you're doing, but no one else does.

An effective marketing strategy gets eyeballs on not just your tattoos, but your whole business. People don’t just buy the art, they buy the artist. BUILDING TRUST with potential clients BEFORE they book an appointment is the foundation of our marketing strategy.

No, you don’t need to show your face or become a content creator to market yourself. Making great content is something we teach, but there are many ways to build trust with your ideal clients, before they buy from you.

Untitled design (5) 3.jpg

(50 Spots per month)

Every tattoo starts with a conversation. It's the seed that will eventually grow into a booked tattoo appointment 🌱

After building trust, we focus on creating as many CONVERSATIONS as we possibly can with potential clients.

Then we have them create more conversations for us ⚙️

The goal is not to get more clients, the goal is to plant as many seeds (conversations) as possible, that will lead to more clients and booking more appointments, naturally.

Untitled design (4) 4.jpg

Every system is perfectly designed to produce the results that it gets.

If you want to get better results, get a better system.

Putting SYSTEMS in place that automatically market and grow your business for you while you are drawing, tattooing, sleeping, or on vacation, is the key to solidifying the future of your business.

  • Booking systems

  • Website/SEO systems

  • Automated DM marketing systems

  • Automated Email marketing systems

Putting these in place and dialing them in to repeatedly attract new and repeat clients creates a snowball effect where every appointment you book turns into more and more clients over time.

IMG_4645 2.jpg

(Over 100 active members)

The Artful Marketer is more than just a coaching program.

It is a lifetime membership to a community of other tattooers committed to growing their business and inspiring each other to take action.

They say you are a reflection of the people you surround yourself with...

If you want to surround yourself with other tattooers who are all looking to grow their business and learn from each other, then we can't wait to have you in this community!

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 4.03.27 PM.png

So What Do You Get?

  • 12 weeks of live group coaching with Ryan Roi

  • Lifetime access to all recorded lessons

  • Lifetime access to group chat and The Artful Marketer Community

  • Pre written scripts and templates you can use and customize

  • Support with setting up your systems (booking software, website, SEO, email automation, DM automation), creating content that grows your following (even if you don’t want to show your face)

  • And converting conversations into clients

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 4.08.49 PM.png

With access to 3 months of live coaching calls and new lessons added weekly to the curriculum, there is enough material here for you to continue to book more clients for a lifetime.

Marketing is always changing, and what used to work doesn’t work any more. As new strategies, technologies and platforms evolve, the recorded lessons you have lifetime access to will evolve as well.

To learn all the details, the tuition and lock in your spot in The Artful Marketer for the round starting next month, click the link below.

(Before the price goes up!)

IMG_3858 2.jpg


I had the best month of my whole 18-year career in the middle of slow season. I did another $4,000-$5,000 that month on top of what I normally do.



I was earning around $2,500-$3,000 per month and now I'm making $4,000-$5,500 per month and this literally depends on how much I play the game each month.



With the guidance of this course, I’m probably making about $4,000 more per month.


You ain’t doin' it, if it ain’t workin', bottom line. Even if you do it a little bit, you’re going to make more. Now I have more time to push the kind of tattooing I want to do.

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